Our whole young lives, our singular mission is to get into college college college. But do you ever think about how college could literally change the course of your entire life depending on where you go? We've asked Michelle and Leah to give us some glimpses into their respective college experiences at UCLA and Vassar (essentially as different as China and the US). Your destiny awaits... 

Lights, Camera, Action! Beverly Hills is iconic for its celebrity sightings, Hollywood dreams, and palm tree lined streets. Although those things do exist, does that necessarily mean that UCLA students live the same life of fame and glory? Michelle, a UCLA alumna explains...  

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Challenging the usual ways of schooling, Skhole seeks to collaborate with students themselves to design classes they find useful, which are then taught by our teachers. We hope to provide an alternative option to often expensive and repetitive test prep options or after-school courses, in a way that allows students to be the drivers of their own growth. 

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